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Photographer/Model: Carolina Heza - Light in the Darkness Photography
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Be gentle with yourself. You’re doing the best you can.Unknown   (via corvidae-and-crossroads)
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The cutest lil porch swing outside my new house ~~~ 🙏
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it irritates me when i see women put down other women for their preferences in hair and makeup. like if a bitch want to wear a 22 inch malaysian sew in with a contoured face and long eyelashes that is her business!!!!! u hoes kill me with that ‘she so fake. i bet it takes her forever to get ready in the morning’ type bullshit. like look, just because u may not wear much makeup or rock ur real hair, don’t put down the next bitch for doing her thang!!!!! growUp.org

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I love this picture oh my gOD.

me too i probably shouldn’t because i know hospital fucking sucks especially when i had a blood transplant ugh but this photo is nice idk